Questions & Answers

What does the package include?

1) Exclusive Territory:

New franchise owners are assigned an exclusive territory to develop their business.

2) Business Development Plan:

This business plan explains where your potential customers are and where you should be concentrating you marketing efforts and resources. With over 250,000 new van registrations in the UK every year and up to 5000 registrations in your area, the report identifies key areas you should be targeting to make your business grow and maximise your profitability.

3) On-going Support and Sales & Marketing Activity:

In the first week of operation alone we will send out a press release to the local media along with providing you with VANXTRAS promotional material and easy access to our VANXTRAS commercial vehicle demonstrator to show potential customers the quality of the VANXTRAS product range. You will also have the reassurance to call upon our support to assist and accompany you with Key Client Negotiations to enhance the opportunity to successfully capture the available business opportunities.

What does it cost?

The initial up front of the cost VANXTRAS franchise depends at which level you want to enter:-

Gold Standard - £21,000
Platinum Standard - £30,000

Your Mobile Van (not included)

The management of VANXTRAS has negotiated exclusive finance rates for its franchise owners. Vehicles can be Leased, Hire Purchased or bought with preferential discounts from three major manufacturers Mercedes VW & Ford with highly competitive finance rates, which our dedicated accountant at Hardy & Co can advise you on any tax implications and benefits that will suit your operation most favourably.

If you like what VANXTRAS has to offer and you feel you can add to our success story then the next step is to contact us to arrange a free no obligation meeting.

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